All eyes are on Louisville around Derby time! Is your company ready with the world watching?

It is almost that time of year when Louisville takes center stage on a global scale. For a full week our city is packed with A-listers and top business executives. Let that sink in for a second or three. That’s right my business friend, OPPORTUNITY! Odds are one or more of your dream clients will be in our city, down the street and possibly in your office. Yeah, most of them don’t fly in on their private jet the afternoon of Derby and race back to the airport when the ponies hit the finish line. Truth is a lot of the visitors are here for Dawn at Downs,Thurby, and Oaks. Many spend the week adventuring around the city in search of fun and maybe a business meeting or two. Odds are they not going to get to Louisville, hop in a limo or Uber and ask the driver the best places to go. I’m betting (Derby Pun) they had their assistant find the best places to eat, sleep and visit. And business people like doing business, so they research vendors and compelling businesses to meet with while in town.

Kinda interesting when you think of it like that, hmmmm?

So is your visual message strong enough to get the call when your said client is shopping you?
Does your visual online presence, print ads and billboards carry the same energy and power as you?
Fact is that your voice (and maybe your only chance to land such a client) is viewing your ads in magazines or when googling your brand before visiting Louisville.

Will what they see be impressive and meet their standards?



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