Recently Image Detail had the pleasure of working with The Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies on a billboard and print project for 2018.

The goal was to connect with Louisville’s residents and share how The Kids Center is changing the lives of children.

We started with several informative meetings and tours of The Kids Center’s two campuses to strategize a plan for the photoshoot. Both campuses are brightly colored and each room is filled with motivation and laughter. During the tours we had the pleasure of meeting the children and spent time learning how they are reaching their goals. After connection with the kids, parents and grandparents I realized how important the photoshoot was going to be. Most of Image Detail’s photoshoots are focused towards creative branding, separation from competitors, market share growth, ROI and boosting gross revenue. This was much different, much bigger. It was about changing children’s (and their family’s) lives. The drive back to the studio was much different from the ride there. I was inspired and a planned to make this moment great for them.

When shooting for large print and billboards it is a must to use Medium Format. For this shoot we used a Phase One XF body and IQ3 100 MP digital back with a Schneider LS 80mm (Equivalent 35mm Focal Length 50mm). When shooting with the IQ3 100MP back each photo is 100 MP. (Yes, indeed that’s A LOT of mega pixels.) The true benefits are dynamic range, high quality resolution, the ability to crop and still do high resolution printing. This was the best equipment for the job and that is why we used it – to provide them with the highest quality product we could.

Phase One XF vs. Nikon D750

The day of the photoshoot I recall sitting in my truck getting ready to unload the equipment and it occurred to me the impact the next few hours would have on the near future. I was a career firefighter for over seven years before opening Image Detail and we always got pumped up to do something great on every run. I have traded fire hoses, gallons of water and axes for lenses, mega pixels and lights, but in that moment I realized I can still make a positive impact in others’ lives with what I am doing. Knowing this is helping Louisville area children and their families is incredible and inspiring. They are our neighbors, family and friends. I was filled with excitement and knew it was go time. The photoshoot flew by because we were focused on truly capturing the moment to share a story. The results were amazing.

These Kids are truly heroes. No matter what, they show up with a full heart and a smile. An inspiration to all of us.

It was a pleasure working with Sue and her team. Also a shout out to Nikki Chin of SparkSpring whose vision is off the charts.

The Kids Center for Pediatric Therapies’s family is a blessing, thanks for all you do!

You can see the billboards in person at: 4446 Poplar Level Rd, 3613 Cane Run Rd, and 4905 Dixie Hwy. There are more on the way!

Please consider volunteering or donating to The Kids Center in 2018!

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